“A few weeks ago, I had the exciting opportunity to take a long holiday to Bucharest and the countryside. As someone who grew up in America and moved to London, travelling to Romania was an experience full of new sights, sounds and adventures.
by night
I found Bucharest to be an extremely unique city. The first thing that struck me on the ride from Otopeni Airport in our beat up yellow Dacia taxi cab was that it seemed as if the whole of the city was one giant construction site. There is an incredible amount of building and renovating going on. One of the first things that jumped out at me was the clear delineation of architecture in the city. There were the old buildings that predated Communist times (unfortunately many of these were in disrepair owing to years of neglect), the boring (in my opinion, ugly) tower blocks from the Communist era and then the modern glass and steel buildings that have gone up since the mid 1990s.bucharest
To someone from America or a Western European country, Romania seems to be extremely inexpensive (it’s worth bearing in mind that. although cheap to us, Romanian wages are much lower and therefore it is not cheap if you live there) If you are coming over on holiday, some things seem a positive bargain – Take for example public transport. In London a Zones 1-6 Travelcard costs £91.40. For most Londoners this is overkill and only a zones 1-2 card for £49.60 is actually necessary, but in Bucharest, you can get a monthly travel card to cover the WHOLE network, including busses, for about £17.  This also is true when going out for a meal.
There are a number of museums to see in the city that are either free or very inexpensive. Bucharest, and Romania as a whole, has a very colourful history. It would help to have someone who speaks Romanian along with you as a lot of the displays and signage is not in English. Additionally, the city has many large parks that offer a great respite from the spread of the city. Whilst Bucharest is amazing, you cannot really say that you have been to Romania unless you go out of the city and into the countryside. In my next post, I will talk a bit about my Romanian experiences outside of Bucharest.”
By Drew Post