Hypothesis 1: Romanians like free stuff

Hypothesis 2: Foreigners like free stuff

Conclusion: Everybody likes free stuff

So the reprezentatives of Cultural activities in Romania thought it would be great to organize a night were everybody can visit the museums free of charge.

12 Museums opened their doors on the night of 16th-17th, so you had to choose between the National Art Museum, Military Museum, Bucharest Museum,  Art Collections Museum, Cotroceni National Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Geology National Museum, “Gerorge Enescu” Museum, “Grigore Antipa” Museum, History Museum, Village Museum and Peasant’s Museum.

Even RATB – the public transport company decided to support this event and organized a bus tour around all the museums.

I think the National Art Museum was the most popular that night, we had to stay in line more than 30 mins, but it was worth it.muzeul-de-arta-al-romaniei-2

If you missed this event don’t worry, you can visit the museums any day and the tickets are fairly cheap.

You can find the schedule here http://www.gradinite.com/site/Muzee/