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Hypothesis 1: Romanians like free stuff

Hypothesis 2: Foreigners like free stuff

Conclusion: Everybody likes free stuff

So the reprezentatives of Cultural activities in Romania thought it would be great to organize a night were everybody can visit the museums free of charge.

12 Museums opened their doors on the night of 16th-17th, so you had to choose between the National Art Museum, Military Museum, Bucharest Museum,  Art Collections Museum, Cotroceni National Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Geology National Museum, “Gerorge Enescu” Museum, “Grigore Antipa” Museum, History Museum, Village Museum and Peasant’s Museum.

Even RATB – the public transport company decided to support this event and organized a bus tour around all the museums.

I think the National Art Museum was the most popular that night, we had to stay in line more than 30 mins, but it was worth it.muzeul-de-arta-al-romaniei-2

If you missed this event don’t worry, you can visit the museums any day and the tickets are fairly cheap.

You can find the schedule here


delta_dunarii_09171439Danube Delta
The Danube Delta is the second largest and best preserved in Europe. It is a wildlife paradise, a very big number of species living here, especially birds. You can visit it for fishing, for admiring the beauty of the nature, the channels, rivers, islands and lakes existing here. You can choose day trips or boat excursions from Tulcea, which has good hotels and specialized restaurants in preparing fish dishes!

Medieval Townssighisoara-clock-tower
Medieval towns are a powerful attraction in Transilvania, due to their beautiful landscapes, churches, towers, and citadels. It can be seen here a strong fingerprint of the Saxons who lived in these areas hundreds of years ago, and it has been preserved a traditional spirit, which gives the place a special charm. Some of these medieval towns are Sighisoara, Brasov. Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca.

curtea de argesThe painted Monasteries
The monasteries from the northern part of Romania are real masterpieces. They were built in the 15th and 16th century, and their paintings from both exterior and interior sides reveal scenes from the Bible in order to make people understand the facts through images. The most representative monasteries are Humor, Moldovita, Patrauti, Probota, Suceava, Sucevita, and Voronet.

Romania has some very good spas , appropriate for those who have medical problems but also for those who want to relax in a quiet place or to take care of them throughout natural methods. Some of the ideal locations to do that are: Baile Felix, Bazna, Eforie Nord, Mangalia, Ocna Sibiului, Sovata.baile%20felix_2

Romania has a lot of famous castles, symbols of different periods in history, or symbols of great leaders, which today are an important cultural inheritance.
branAmong these castles we can mention Bran, recognized as a mysterious place, where Count Dracula lived some time ago. The imposing towers and turrets make the atmosphere strange and the mystery deeper. Nowadays, the castle is an open museum to tourists, displaying art and objects owned by Queen Mary, whose royal residence it was in the 20 th century.
Another famous castle is Peles, situated at the foot of Bucegi Mountains, in Sinaia. It is a beautiful building, with a new-Renaissance German architecture, and it was a summer royal residence for King Carol until the middle of the 20th century.peles

Constanta_14During summer a place where you can spend a lovely holiday is certainly at the seaside! Five months a year, from May to October, more than ten resorts are ready to welcome you on the shores of the Black sea in order to offer you entertainment and relaxation. Sand beaches, water sports, restaurants, fast-foods, shops, discos, bars and modern hotels are at hand for everyone, for every taste, so what you have to do is to decide which resort fits you best. There are some of them known for specific things, as Mamaia – night clubs, luxurious hotels, expensive prices, elegant beach, Vama Veche – accommodation in small houses, rock clubs, complete freedom, Costinesti – the capital of young people, discos, artistic and sport events, Olimp – fine sand, good taste, peace, health, entertainment and so on. vama

If you like to see a complex country, where you can find everything you want for granted fun and cultural achievement, you should stay five minutes to see that “Romania’s wealth” is not just a word in vain. Its variate touristic objectives cover a large beach of expectations one could have from a destination. Just to mention some of the values Romania is being proud of, here is a short review of what we consider to be the top…