funeralThe funeral customs were inherited from the Romans. They used to plant a cypress tree in front of the house of the deceased. Nowadays this custom was modified, so the people use a fir, or a regular tree. Sometimes the family of the deceased hires a lamenter for the funeral; otherwise the late is lamented by his wife, niece or the women in the village. When someone is on his death bed the family calls for the priest to perform an extreme unction by reading from the Bible, so the soul of the dying man lives the body easier.


weddingThe religious ceremony takes place Saturday in the evening, being followed by a party during the night, and a festive dinner. Usually the party lasts until Sunday morning, and because the wedding guests are tired, will sleep during the Sunday mass, which is considered a very big sin. There are some periods of the year when weddings can’t be celebrated; this is why the calendar must be carefully consulted before planning a wedding. The wedding is preceded by an engagement and recalls both members of the young couple being Christians. In the meme time the godfathers must be Christians, married and must have a moral family life so they can be a model for the young couple. The ceremony is hold by a priest who blesses the union of the young couple.

The Fate

fateThe belief in Fate and their power to foretell the faith of every human being was and still is a very well rooted belief between the Romanians, especially those who live in the countryside. This custom was inherited from the Romans. There are three so called fairies that come in the odd nights from the first week of life of the new-born child and foretell its faith.

The Baptize

The midwife tradition in the baptize of the new-born child is still very strong. The tradition says that the role of the midwife is important because she carries the child to the church where the baptize takes place saying “I carry a pagan; I’ll bring back a Christian”. When the godfather takes the baby from the midwife, he gives her a silver coin to pay her.