Saint Andrew
saint-andrewRomanians celebrate Saint Andrew as a patron saint on the 30 November. The night of Saint Andrew is destined to some pre-Christian customs for the protection of the people, animals and households. Also, the eve of this feast is considered to be the moment when the barrier between the real world and the yonder world rises. It is also a good moment to find out how fruitful the next year will be.


Saint Nicholas
saint-nicholasOn the 6th of December the kids wait inpatient to find out what gifts Saint Nicholas put into their shoes. It may happen, if a child wasn’t good enough during the last year, that Saint Nicholas brigs a little rod to that kid.




christmasThis feast brings to life a lot of other customs. In the first day of Christmas carol singers sing Christmas carols holding in their hands a carton handmade star. They go to each house of the village or to each apartment from the block singing carols receiving little gifts in change, or money. An other tradition is the decoration of the Christmas Three.



The Easter
easterThe Easter means for the Romanians both the resurrection of Christ and the renewal of their everyday life. Everyone dresses with their best clothes and goes to the midnight mess. Candles are lightened for each person during the mess for bringing the sacred light into their souls and houses. It is also said that these candles protect those who carry them back home from thunder, lightening and injury. The custom is to celebrate Easter wits Easter cake and red eggs.

The New Year
new-yearThe celebrating of the New Year was also allowed during the communist regime because it didn’t have a religious connotation. The tradition says that no one should spend this night alone. On the 31st of December the villagers perform a traditional procession with a decorated plough wishing their neighbors “A Happy new year!”. On the 1st of January children throw wheat seeds over the neighbor’s lintel washing them prosperity.