Giant_Burger_freishaormaThe ”traditional” student dishes in Romania are : (not necessary in this order) burgers (all kinds), shaorma (which is actually turkish), boiled and fried eggs, and french fries. Of course this is not the primary ranking, you can eat these without combining them. The evaluation and appreciation is subjective and it depends on your creativity in mixing these elements and making a delicious meal.
Not to forget that the meat can be replaced with soy, it has almost the same taste and flavour, in plus is more healthy and less expensive (in some periods of the year).

SuperStock_1598R-71967If you live in a student campus you will always find an eating hall where you can eat at a low price traditional romanian foods and if you are out of time you can always visit McDonald’s, the shaormeries which are opened 24 hours a day.
In Bucharest the most convenient price quality eating halls for students are : Moxa situated in Moxa, str, nr 11, here is not the best food but with 5-6 lei (1,4 €) you can eat a whole menu. The next eating hall is on Rosetti square wich is opened 24 hours and last but not least is R4, situated in the Regie Campus, there with 10 lei you can eat two types of meals: first and second.

Enjoy romanian student food!!!
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