Rail transportgara de nord

The Romanian Railway Company is called CFR – you can find everything from history to train schedule on their official website translated in both English and French http://www.cfr.ro/

Costs: a train ticket is not very expensive, but of course it depends on the destination. Students in public universities have 50% off.

Types of trains: personal (looks sketchy), accelerat (a little bit better), rapid (it means ‘fast’ in romanian, so going for better quality) and the best is the IC (intercity train, European level conditions).


Introduction and technical info:

Bucharest is the only city in Romania which as of 2009 has an underground railway system, comprising both the Bucharest Metro and the light rail system Regia Autonomă de Transport Bucureşti. Although construction was planned to begin in 1941, due to geo-political factors, the Bucharest Metro was only opened in 1979. Now it is one of the most accessed systems of the Bucharest public transport network with an average of 750,000[3] passengers during the workweek. In total, the network is 71 km long and has 52 stations.


If you don’t intend to use the metro a lot we recommend to buy a  two way ticket – 2.5 ron, but if have more than a couple of trips per week you’d better buy a monthly ticket, which costs 20 ron (guarantees unlimitted access for one month), and students have 50% off.

Other info about the metro system you’ll find here www.metrorex.ro

Bus, tram and trolley systemratb

The company that runs all the above mentioned is called RATB. www.ratb.ro

A one way ticket costs 1.3 ron and a monthly ticket for all the routes costa 50 ron and 25 ron for students.

You can find the map here http://www.ratb.ro/download/harti/generala.pdf